3 Days of ART SHOWS

Et Cutlura 2016

FRIDAYNovember 18th
HYPE Group presents

Et Cultura Design ExhibitioN

Green Bench Beer Garden

This inaugural Et Cultura design exhibition aims to promote graphic design throughout the community, and strengthen our creative network. 

Culture is defined by the beliefs and customs of a group, place, or time. In this design exhibition we are exploring how culture has inspired the graphic design artists’ work. This could be inspiration from a nostalgic moment, an annual tradition, a city, their lineage, friends or family. 

Come see how each artist expresses their definition of culture.



SATURDAYNovember 19th
Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery presents

HEROES vs. Villains

Green Bench Beer Garden

Join us as we present new works from 30 artists addressing the theme Heroes vs. Villains in film and literature. 

Not your typical Hero vs Villain show. You won't find any comic book characters here! We have asked the artists to “think outside the box” and find characters from all genres of film and literature, to create a unique mix of classic characters to the the more obscure. Heroes and Villains from films you grew up watching, to films and books your children have grown to love. 

Featuring works of art from local artists as well as a few out of town artists, ranging from oil paintings, mixed medium, colored pencil, embroidery, acrylics and more!

We are so excited to be a part of Et Cultura festival and look forward to seeing you all there! 

If you are interested in being a featured artist in the show, please submit your portfolio to

SUNDAYNovember 20th
Orange Box Studio  presents

Carousel No.6
The Project Project

6PM to 9PM


An ongoing photography event held in the Tampa Bay area. 8 to 10 photographers present slideshows before a live audience. Shows are carefully curated to exhibit the best and the brightest photographers in the area (and beyond). Come out and join the crowd!