In the early 1900’s St. Petersburg was known as the “City of Green Benches”. At their height some 2,500 benches lined the downtown sidewalks inviting passers-by to slow their pace and make friends of strangers. These benches were a gathering place for residents and tourists alike, and served as a symbol of our hospitality, bringing people together each day. As we searched for a name that would be original to the brewing world and representative of St. Petersburg, we needed to look no further than the image of the green bench.

True to their original purpose, we envision Green Bench Brewing Co. beer, and our tasting room, to serve as a modern day catalyst for community and cheer. People will congregate around a pint (or two) to share in both good times and bad, to discuss business or tell a joke, to reminisce about life or dream about the future, to get up and dance to the music or to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the brew.



Green Bench BrewING Company


“From man’s sweat and God’s love, beer came into the world.”
- Saint Arnold of Metz

The Brewery:

Green Bench Brewing Co. is St. Petersburg’s first craft microbrewery. We have a 15 barrel brewhouse that sits within a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse building on Baum Ave in St. Petersburg’s downtown Edge District. We currently have four 15 barrel fermenters, five 30 barrel fermenters, one 15 barrel foeder, one 90 hectoliter foeder and plan on adding additional fermentation vessels as growth permits. Green Bench Brewing Co. has a 1,500 sq. ft. tasting room with a large observation window that looks out into the brewery and seating that overlooks Central Ave. In addition, there’s a 6,000 sq. ft. beer garden that adjoins the tasting room and allows for seating under our covered patio or out in the sunshine.

Green Bench Brewing Co. will always use the highest quality ingredients with goals of making the best beer on the planet. Our beer is our sole focus and we will strive to make that recognizable with every sip. We will always aim to set the standard for beer and help push the craft to heights never thought possible.

The soul of a community thrives on the arts that it supports.

Et Culturawants to help build the next generation of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and makers.  

A 10% donation of all sponsorships will go to
The St. Petersburg Arts Alliance who strives to be the umbrella organization for the arts — advocating for the arts, supporting arts education, facilitating the growth of the creative arts community, and driving arts-related economic development in St. Petersburg. Your donation makes a difference!

Check out their website for everything from CALL To ARTISTS , Art Walk details, and you can even download the “St. Petersburg Arts and Cultura Guide.



Station House is a multifaceted building with 5 Floors of Tech, food, co-work and pop up space.

All things unique and extraordinary are derived from a simple thought or idea, a “Vision”. Welcome to Station House St. Pete. Station House is a marriage of business, technology, finance, real estate and the arts, brought together to create one complete networking mecca. Let the journey begin, as we introduce to you a concept established in the year 1911 through its historic DNA as a Fire Station and Train Station, with a modern sense of styling and technology, adjoined in harmony to meet the human instinctive desires for community and social interaction.

Station House is dedicated to providing a comfortable, yet dynamic environment in which our guests can interact socially or professionally, work or co-work quietly, enjoy food, drinks and entertainment, and relax peacefully. By creating this communal environment and setting a standard of service that exceeds the expectations of our guests, Station House is sure to guarantee an experience that is sought out by the discerning consumer. To this end, we will strive to create a cozy, yet progressive and hip epicenter for businesses and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


Sunlight. Camera. Action.

The St. Pete/Clearwater Film Commission

 serves Pinellas County, Florida supporitng and working to bring commercials, TV shows, feature films and digital media projects to the area.

Film SPC supports local signature Film Festivals, fosters industry development with free workshops, an online production guide and location database.  The film commission participates in direct marketing and trade missions at major film markets, festivals and tradeshows in North America and Internationally like Sundance, Cannes, Toronto and more.

Film SPC has a local film incentive program.  Film, TV, digital media, music videos and more are eligible for the development marketing partnerships.  The goal of the incentive is to provide exclusive destination exposure for St. Pete/Clearwater as an area with a growing reputation for filmmaking and television programming, great locations, and excellent crew and equipment resources.


From the start of every project, we’ll work with you to anticipate difficulties and prevent them from happening, rather than waiting and hoping for the best.  This proactive approach enables us to minimize production downtime so we can meet your deadlines.Communication is Key

When you have questions, just call or email and ask us. Every member of the Bayprint team is empowered to help clients. If the team member doesn’t know the answer to your specific question, they will get it for you.

When we need answers to questions in order to proceed, we’ll ask you the question. If you don’t know the answer, we’ll explain your options and make recommendations based on your goals and your budget.

We keep the communication lines open regardless of the product category.

Our consultative approach to printing, decades of experience, and commitment to producing perfect products are three reasons why, when dependability matters, you can count on Bayprint.

Our Mission.

Help Small Business and Entrepreneurs Build a Strong Foundation for Growth.

There are too many non-legal businesses who are assisting entrepreneurs in starting a business without the proper knowledge or experience. We understand that in order for your business to succeed, you need to build a strong foundation to grow on. We know the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and have dedicated our resources to specifically meet the needs of small businesses. Our success is defined by your success.

Our Values.

Transparency – always know what your legal fees are before work is started.

Knowledge – we will provide you with resources and tools to help you be successful.

Value – We will always look to add value in every transaction. Even if it means lower fees for us!

Ethical – We will never cut corners to save a buck.

Brick Street Farms is a boutique, artisan farm that offers hyper-fresh produce grown in the heart of the city.  We will redefine local urban farming by leveraging modern technology. We promote honest food and environmental integrity.


Brick Street Farms is an indoor hydroponic vertical farm in downtown St. Petersburg providing locally grown leafy greens and herbs year-round inside its environmentally controlled freight containers. Each container grows the equivalent of 1 acre of traditional farmland and is outfitted in the latest technology which provides for natural photosynthesis to occur in controlled conditions. The Farms include climate control systems, LED lighting for sunlight, water filtration and nutrient supply systems.  Conditions are controlled with an in-farm touch-screen system and monitored remotely with a custom mobile application.

Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Ralph E. Stevens, Jr. and his two sons, Marshall and Rhett, all of St. Petersburg. Stevens & Stevens has been providing the highest level of offsite document storage & management services in the Tampa Bay ever since. By offering a wide range of records and information management services, our customers are able to maintain compliance, improve productivity, and streamline their operational processes. We offer our clients the following professional services:

Secure Document Storage

Backup Data Protection

Document Scanning Solutions and Software

Secure Records Shredding Services