About the Festival | Et Cultura



Et Cultura is a Festival of Creative Culture is a multi-day festival inviting national/international innovators, future thinkers, musicians, filmmakers and artists to exchange ideas, explore collaborations and showcase their work alongside our local artists and community leaders in a signature event that bolsters the City of St. Petersburg ‘s stature as a premiere arts , innovation and intellectual tourism destination.

Interactive Sessions created in partnership with OPEN (Open Partnership Education Network) is a major part of Et Cultura and we are really looking to invite innovators and future thinkers to the city to join in our community conversation and future growth.


To showcase the personality of Saint Petersburg, Et Cultura/ OPEN will host events in venues throughout the city. We will be focusing on selecting Signature Saint Petersburg Districts including Downtown, Deuces/ Warehouse Arts District, The Edge District with a plan to expand each year until we include all districts within the week-long event.

This satellite model will not only help spotlight some of the treasures of St. Petersburg hopes to encourage collaboration and inclusion of a wide range of citizens who call the Sunshine City home.