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Best Environmental DocumentaryWASTED ! The Story of Food Waste by Anna Chai and Nari Kye

Best Music DocumentaryNew Wave: Dare To Be Different by Ellen Goldfarb

Best Craft Art DocumentaryStrad Style by Stefan Avalos

Best Culinary Art Documentary 42 Grams Film by Jack C. Newell

Best Fine Art Documentary – The Key to Dalí by David Fernández

Best Visual Art DocumentaryBrimstone & Glory by Viktor Jakovleski


The Archetypes by William Joseph Stribling and Orange Grove Dance(Matthew Reeves, Colette Krogol)


Best Short Animation – Negative Space by Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

Best Student AnimationGarden Party – Animated Short Film by Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, and Lucas Navarro

Best Experimental Animation – In a Nutshell by Fabio Friedli

Best Student Comedy – Fanny Pack by Uttera Singh

Best Student Drama – Red Apples by George Sikharulidze

Best U.S. Comedy – Milk & Cookies by Mike Holt

Best U.S. Drama – DeKalb Elementary by Reed Van Dyk

Best Int’l Comedy – The Whole World by Julián Quintanilla

Best Int’l Drama – What Tears Us Apart by Wei Hu

Best U.S. Satire – Alternative Math by David Maddox

Best Int’l Satire – The Geneva Convention by Benoît Martin

Best Parody – Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre by Jack Henry Robbins

Best Sci-Fi – They Charge for the Sun by Terence Nance

Best FantasyWho’s Who in Mycology by Marie Dvorakova

Best Thriller – Gridlock by Ian Hunt Duffy

Best Horror – The Cleansing Hour by Damien LeVeck

Best Horror Comedy – Humbug by Justin Lee, Matt Thiesen

Best Dramedy – Radio 88 by Kim Noonan and John Salcido

Best Mockumentary – Subotika: Land of Wonders by Peter Volkart

Best Documentary116 Cameras by Davina Pardo

Best Biographical Documentary – Little Potato by Wes Hurley

Best Sociological Documentary – Digilante by Mike Nayna

Best Adventure Documentary – The Hanging by Geoffrey Feinberg

Best Comedy Documentary – Gone Viral by Charlo Johnson

Best Science Documentary – Born of Stone by Emilio Bellu

Best Concept Art Documentary – The Moving Camera Project by Andy Moynehan, Chelsea Moynehan

Best Performance Art Documentary – Gravity is Just a Habit by David Vardanyan, Elena Vardanyan

Best Dance Film – The Archetypes by William Joseph Stribling

Best Mise-en-scène – Who’s Who in Mycology by Marie Dvorakova

Best Short Short – The Perfect Houseguest by Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata

Best Director – Jack Henry Robbins for Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre

Best Ensemble – Hot Winter: A Film by Dick Pierre by Jack Henry Robbins

Best Actor in Comedy – P.J. Marshall in Sure-Fire

Best Actor in Drama – Moe Dunford in Gridlock

Best Actress in Comedy – Loles León in The Whole World

Best Actress in Drama – Nai An in What Tears Us Apart


Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting – David Maddox and Malcolm Morrison for Alternative Math, Michael Goldburg and Dave Chan for Sure-Fire, and Julián Quintanilla for The Whole World

Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting for Animation – Britt Raes for Catherine

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography – Narayan Van Maele for Gridlock, Andressa Cor for They Charge for the Sun, and Martin Ziaran for Who’s Who in Mycology

Outstanding Achievement in Editing – Eoin McGuirk for Gridlock, Neil Evans for Radio 88, and Marie Dvorakova for Who’s Who in Mycology

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design – Nikki Moss for Gridlock, Peter Volkart for Subotika: Land of Wonders, and Roman Cadek for Who’s Who in Mycology

Outstanding Achievement in Production Design/Art Direction – Theresa Corvino for The Cleansing Hour, Peter Volkart for Subotika: Land of Wonders, and Marie Dvorakova for Who’s Who in Mycology

Outstanding Achievement in SFX/VFX – Damien LeVeck, Michael Miller, and Vicki Juhasz for The Cleansing Hour, Peter Volkart for Subotika: Land of Wonders, and Boris Masnik and Matej Pospisil for Who’s Who in Mycology

Dare To Be Different

Documentary/95 Min/USA/English
Directed by Ellen Goldfarb

When WLIR 92.7, the independent radio station in Long Island, New York, changed their music format in 1982 to a unique modern rock mix of punk and new wave, they ended up creating a musical revolution that had ripple effects throughout the country and a lasting musical influence around the world. As the first radio station in the U.S. to play such ground-breaking bands as U2, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, even Prince and Madonna, these pioneering taste-makers inspired other radio stations to create similar experimental formats as well as broadened America’s musical tastes. More than just a nostalgic trip down musical memory lane, this documentary is a fascinating glimpse into a sub-cultural zeitgeist and also an entertaining primer to the politics of radio regulations and the F.C.C. Features interviews with Joan Jett, Billy Idol, Debbie Harry, Nick Rhodes, and other artists and DJs who made the revolution happen.

Featuring a post-screening Q&A with director Ellen Goldfarb and former W.L.I.R. DJ Scott “DJ Bird” Peacock.

The Key to Dali

Documentary/78 Min/Spain/Spanish
Directed by David Fernández García

The Key to Dalí unfolds the exceptional story of Spanish scientist Tomeo L`Amo, who bought an unknown painting in 1989, which he strongly believes is an original DALÍ. A 25 years-long journey begins, where he investigates, invests enormous amounts and follows experts around the world until he meets the one in Paris that changes his life.

In Person: David Fernández García (director)

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

Documentary/85 Min/USA/English
Directed by Anna Chai and Nari Kye

Chef, author, and travel show host Anthony Bourdain takes us on a whirlwind journey around the world to see how various countries are dealing with the issues of food waste and sustainability. From chefs who create unique recipes using reclaimed ingredients to governments that charge residents for throwing away their food, this illuminating film presents some creative solutions to this global environmental crisis. Once you find out how long it takes a head of lettuce to decompose in the landfill, you too will start a compost bin at home.

Strad Style

Documentary/115 Min/USA/English
Directed by Stefan Avalos

A documentary about a backwoods dreamer, living in rural Ohio with an unlikely obsession for “Stradivari” and all things violin, who, through the magic of socialmedia, convinces a famous European concert violinist that he can make a copy of one of the most famous and valuable violins in the world. This film won both the Audience Award and Jury Award at the Slamdance Film Festival and also won the Audience Award at the Florida Film Festival.

Brimstone & Glory:

Documentary/67 Min/Mexico/Spanish
Directed by Viktor Jakovleski

The National Pyrotechnic Festival in Tultepec, Mexico is a site of festivity unlike any other in the world. In celebration of San Juan de Dios, patron saint of firework makers, conflagrant revelry engulfs the town for ten days. Artisans show off their echnical virtuosity, up-and-comers create their own rowdy, lofi combustibles, and dozens of teams build larger-than-life papier-mâché bulls to parade into the town square, adorned with fireworks that blow up in all directions. More than three quarters of Tultepec’s residents work in pyrotechnics, making the festival more than revelry for revelry’s sake. It is a celebration that anchors a way of life built around a generations-old, homegrown business of making fireworks by hand. For the people of Tultepec, the National Pyrotechnic Festival is explosive celebration, unrestrained delight and real peril. This film won the Golden Gate Award for Best Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

42 Grams

Documentary/82 Min/USA/English
Directed by Jack C. Newell

42 Grams is an intimate portrait of how chef Jake Bickelhaupt evolved from running an illegal restaurant out of his home to being a culinary celebrity in less than a year and the toll it takes on his personal life.

Video Mass Presents: Omni: Verse

Short Films/90 Min/USA/English
Produced by Grier Dill and Tessa Greenberg

A Sci-Fi Anthology Feature Film Featuring Damian Young (House of Cards, The Comeback, Birdman) Showcasing 15 short films from NYC’s most innovative emerging filmmakers, OMNI:VERSE explores alternate realities, sci-fi themes, and worlds that could have been if only the rules of the universe were altered just a bit. OMNI:VERSE is a speculative-fiction, omnibus style feature film that addresses the many different outcomes for the question “What If…?”. Created by the New York based film collective, Video Mass, which prompts independent filmmakers to create films around a central theme. Each short film is connected by a throughline story that follows Dr.S (Damian Young), an eccentric parapsychologist who seeks a new employee to help “manage” the oddities and curiosities in the multiverse. Written, produced, and edited in under 8 weeks, OMNI:VERSE is a community based film experience that challenges the DIY approach to filmmaking and Hollywood, as well as the overlooked sub-genre of speculative-fiction.

Video Mass Presents: Video Massacre

Short Films/90 Min/USA/English

Following in the bloody footprints of the recent revival in anthology horror films (V/H/S, The ABC’s of Death), film collective Video Mass presents: VIDEO MASSACRE, Vol. 1 Welcome to 82 minutes of gruesome, blood-curdling original horror shorts, created by 20 of Brooklyn’s most talented, twisted filmmakers, condensed into one unforgettable program! After multiple sold-out screenings in New York City, Video Mass can’t wait to share our gospel of horror with the rest of the country! THE PREMISE: After stumbling upon a cursed videotape in an abandoned cabin, an adventurous couple unwittingly release the spirit of Belphagor, a charming ghostdemon. Under the guise of sharing some of his favorite scary movies, “Belphy” attempts to scare his guests, and ultimately, break the curse that has trapped him in the tape for thousands of years. Films included in VIDEO MASSACRE have screened at festivals all over the world, including: Slamdance, New York City Horror Festival, Malta Horror Film Fest, Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest, Rhode Island International Film Fest, Morbido Film Fest, and more!


Documentary/70 Min/USA-Honduras/English-Spanish
Directed by Christopher Valdes and Theodore Griswold

When a song he writes angers a dangerous drug cartel, Manuel is forced to flee his home in Honduras to go to the United States. From a radio cabin in North Carolina, Manuel recounts his narrow escape from death and describes the challenges of assimilating into a new world as an undocumented immigrant.

Blood Road

Documentary/96 Min/USA-Vietnam/English-Vietnamese
Directed by Nicholas Schrunk

The mysteries surrounding her father’s death in the Vietnam war lead ultra-endurance mountain biker Rebecca Rusch on an emotional journey as she pedals 1200 miles of the Ho Chi Minh trail.

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