NOV 15-19, 2017


Et Cultura Film

Film is storytelling. A chance to discover new people, places and ideas brought to life by the imagination and dedication of the independent film makers in front of and behind the camera. Et Cultura Film is focused on bringing stories that promote diversity, encourage innovation, evoke emotion, and illicit laughter and in the spirit of celebrating “All things Local”, a Sunshine State Film Block will highlight films produced in, created in, or featuring Florida.

Et Cultura Film wants to feed the growing global obsession with short films and curate themed blocks designed to take the audience on a journey while creating an inclusive environment where filmmakers and audiences can come together and see what conversations and discussion can be ignited with post film discussions and Q&A sessions.

Look for our “Spotlight Features” each day that will bring exclusive, award winning, independent features to the screens of Et Cultura Film Festival.