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Future City
Building a Smarter City for All

Working Lunches Through Week – Nov.15-17
Station House & Dali Museum

Distinguished Aresty Speaker

Michael Sturtz

Stanford Creative Ignition Lab and Founder of The Crucible, San Francisco.

Michael Sturtz is a sculptor, teacher, designer, builder, theatrical director, facilitator of creative thinking, and a world land speed record holder.  In 1999 Michael set out to reinvent the idea of arts education, by founding an art school that encouraged a truly non-competitive learning environment. The Crucible started with only a conceptual design and a grant for $1,750, but quickly grew to become the largest nonprofit industrial arts education facility in the country, teaching over 8000 students a year.  Michael retired from The Crucible and began teaching at Stanford’s design school and eventually launching The Stanford Creative Ignition Lab @ Autodesk, which focuses on the future of making and learning.  He now leads a secret prototyping lab for one of the top innovation companies in the world.

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Inclusive Cities with guest Weldon Angelos: Thursday, 11:00am - 12:15pm
Fostering Just Laws for a Fair Society

Social Justice advocate Weldon Angelos joins national and local leaders to discuss ideas for building a more equitable social justice system in our community and beyond.  Weldon Angelos was sentenced a mandatory 55 years in prison for selling a few pounds of marijuana while possessing a firearm – a sentence so extreme that his judge, unable to go below the mandatory minimum, called on the president to commute Weldon’s sentence. Barring such a presidential commutation, taxpayers will spend over $1.5 million to keep Weldon behind bars until he’s 80 years old. Weldon’s sentencing provoked unprecedented public outcry. Twenty nine former judges and prosecutors filed a ‘friend of the court’ brief beseeching Weldon’s sentencing judge to declare the sentence unconstitutional. At sentencing, Judge Paul G. Cassell called Weldon’s punishment “unjust, cruel, and even irrational,” comparing it to much shorter federal sentences given to repeat child rapists and airplane hijackers. Judge Cassell wrote a 67-page opinion urging President Bush to commute Weldon’s sentence to 18 years or less. Unfortunately, none of these efforts proved fruitful until recently, when President Obama committed his sentence– after serving 13 years in prison.


Small is Big - Allure of Local: Wednesday - 11:00am - 12:15pm

When cities get into expansion mode, they tend to reach out to or get courted by national chains and big developers, diluting the unique local culture that sparked that growth in the first place.  Championing locally owned and operated businesses and using entrepreneurs, citizen volunteers, events and artists is vitally important, not only for community development but as an economic driver.  
When it comes to the future of our city our LOCAL-ness is really a branding tool we can use to identify, craft and nurture distinct flavor that is uniquely St. Petersburg, and share that with the world.  Not to mention it keeps money circulating at home rather that into the pockets of huge corporations halfway across the planet.  Going Native is good.  As we continue to build the Burg – they will come….then come back again, with their friends, and their wallets.


What is "Affordable" Housing These Days? Wednesday, 12:45pm - 2:00pm
How do we build housing for the 80% of us?  

As our city grows, part of attracting young talent, addressing the changing needs of an aging population, and supporting a service oriented workforce is having enough of the kinds of places we can all afford and want to live in.  Micro-Unit apartments, multi-family living, tiny homes, modular construction and shared spaces:  What’s trending around the world and what’s coming to a neighborhood near you?

Innovation District Expo @ The Dali: Wednesday - 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Leading technology and design companies showcase their latest innovations in the heart of downtown St. petersburg.  Powered by the Innovation District and co-curated by Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Innovation District, Alison Barlow.  


Getting Around! Transportation Transformation in StP: Friday, 11:00am - 12:15 pm

Envisioning a Smarter Transportation System

Public transit, personal mobility, autonomous rides, shared and electric vehicles – Cities around the world are re-thinking what streets and systems for moving us around. More transportation choices, less parking and fresh innovations in street design are coming to cities around the globe.  What does that look like for St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area?

Build it Well - Sustainable Design: Thursday, 12:45pm - 2:00pm
Building Livable Sustainable Cities by Design

Green & Grey – Blending the Built & Natural Environments in Urban Renewal

Celebrated architect Yann Weymouth talks with national and local leaders about sustainable urban design and why weaving nature back into our cities is so important to the health and welfare of both our citizens and our economy.  We’ll share ideas on how to foster indoor and outdoor spaces that inspire creativity, wellbeing, and economic development, beautifully.

Metathesis StP - Aresty Speaker Michael Sturtz & Local Leaders Share Ideas on the Future of St. Pete: Friday, 12:45pm -2:00pm
Aresty Speaker Michael Sturtz sits down with Local Leaders to discuss StP

The future of St. Pete as heard through the voices of prominent leaders, past, present, locally and beyond,  Joined by our guest Michael Sturtz. 


Future City Location and Footprint

Map and Address

Talks & Panels
Station House St. Petersburg
260 1st Ave. S, St. Pete, FL 33701

Station House & Dali Museum

The Future City footprint will be held at the Station House St. Petersburg (Talks and Panels) and at the Dali Museum (Innovation Expo). Don’t forget,  live music will be held every evening in venues throughout downtown St. Petersburg.  Come to learn and stay for even more fun!


Innovation Expo (Wed Only)
Dali Museum
1 Dali Blvd. St. Petersburg, FL  33701

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