NOV 15-19, 2017

Join us as we invite prominent thought leaders from around the country to join us for inspiring conversations in St. Petersburg.

This year we will explore the following themes at Et Cultura!


Wednesday, November 15th

Learn how to live a better life through a nutritious, plant-based diet.

Distinguished Aresty Speakers
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, China Study
Nelson Campbell, Plantpure Nation

Additional Speakers and Discussions

How not to Die – Sentence summary of Michael Gregger’s talk

Topic 2 – Sentence summary

Topic 3 – Sentence summary


Thursday, November 16th

Share and learn the latest on advancing sustainable healthy food and urban agriculture in our community

Distinguished Aresty Speaker
Will Allen, Growing Power!

Author of The Good Food Revolution: Growing Healthy Food, People, and Communities, Will Allen has simple goals: to grow food, to grow minds, and to grow community.

From professional basketball player to All-American farmer, Will Allen now scores by providing hands-on training, outreach and technical assistance to develop Community Food Systems that help people grow, process, market and distribute nutritious food locally and sustainably.

Additional Speakers and Discussions

Food As Medicine

Prescribing vegetables can prevent and even reverse chronic illnesses, emptying your medicine cabinet and proving the incredible healing powers of a whole food plant-based diet.

Moderator: Mark Trujillo – Public Health Specialist, UF IFAS Family Nutrition Program –

John Correy – Director and Producer, PlantPure Nation & Forks Over Knives
Rosy Bailey – Food System Consultant; In Season Pro LLC
Cannon Katie Churchwell – Community Engagement, The Cathedral of St. Petersburg

How to Eat Your Lawn (Growing for family/community)

Whether growing for families, communities or for profit, converting yards and vacant lots into food forests and growing enterprises can re-connect kids to nature, feed communities, drive innovation, and create sustainable jobs. So how can you start growing at home? We’ll show you how!

Bill Bilodeau – President; Sustainable Urban Agriculture Coalition (SUAC)
Adrian Taylor – Co-Manager; Bartlett Park Garden, SUAC Board Member
Angela Brown – Social Justice Advocate

Food Waste Woes and Wows (Sustainability, soil and renewable energy)

From taste to trash to treasure; how we can convert the 40% of food in America that we currently waste, into compost, clean energy and cash, all while cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, reducing our reliance on landfills, and transforming Florida’s sandy soil into gardeners gold.

Kali Rabaut – Co-Founder; Suncoast Compost
Scarlett Amey-Wyns – Manager, Fresh Initiative Supply Hub (FISH), UMCM Suncoast
Ray Wunderlich – Urban Farmer, Wunderfarms

Urban Ag Revolution (Agri-Innovation from big picture to profit in Pinellas)

The industrial food system is failing us on a global scale, while nimble local food systems are rising to the rescue in small spaces and urban places. Innovations in technology, sustainability, and distribution are revolutionizing the way we grow, eat and benefit from the bounty, making today’s agro-businessmen look nothing like your father’s farmer. Join the revolution too!

Janet Keeler – Department of Journalism and Digital Communications, USFSP
Shannon O’Malley – Founder, Brick Street Farms
Adrian Taylor – Co-Manager Bartlett Park Community Garden, SUAC Board Member

Much more to come!

Future City

Throughout the week

Join us for a “working lunch” from 11:00-2:00 each day as we take St. Petersburg into the future.

Powered by Duke Energy.

Distinguished Aresty Speaker
Michael Sturtz, Stanford Creative Ignition Lab and Founder of The Crucible, San Francisco

Additional Speakers and Discussions

Metathesis St. Pete II

Prominent community, arts, and business leaders share their thoughts on the past, present, and future of our great city.

Innovation Expo

Explore the latest trends and gadgets in urban design, transportation and other technology.
Powered by the Innovation District.

Inclusive Cities

Help us envision a city where all citizens can prosper and thrive.

More to come!

Radical Schools

Friday, November 17

Get a fresh take on learning as we intersect education, music and action sports.

Distinguished Aresty Speaker
Geoffrey Canada, Harlem Children’s Zone

Additional Speakers and Discussions

Rad Schools Skate Jam

Et Cultura will visit three local schools during the week with an inspiring anti-bullying skate and BMX show–culminating in a rousing final jam at the Festival

Future of School Design

Hear from leading educators as we explore emergent ideas in school design and pedagogy.

Youth Development

Supporting the mind, body and soul of youth through innovative programs.

What is OPEN?

OPEN Mission

Smarter, Better Connected City, Learning Together

Interested in learning more about OPEN or Joining in the conversations leading up to the festival?
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Twitter: @learnopenorg

OR Contact

Walter Balser
OPEN Director

Jenny Fessler
OPEN Associate Director

This year Et Cultura has partnered with the Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN) to curate a series of interactive experiences that bring next level thought leaders and nationally recognized speakers to the festival to spur discussion and action!

Each day will have a different theme, weaving together stories, challenges and solutions central to our growing community. Designed to engage, entertain and spur discussion, these themed sessions create great opportunities for fresh ideas, collaboration and action. In this way, we become a smarter, more connected city that learns and grows together.

OPEN (Open Partnership Education Network) Interactive Sessions are a major part of Et Cultura. We are really looking to invite innovators and future thinkers to the city to join in our community conversation and future growth. We have plans to have a collection of events within each day that will make Et Cultura a unique experience that mingles inspiration, art, innovation, tech, film, music and community.

OPEN will use Et Cultura as a launching point for their year-long speaker series and community discussion forums and build on their mission of creating “A Smarter, Better Connected City Learning Together.” Here is a little introduction to what the concept and process is about.