Et Cultura Interactive

OPEN (Open Partnership Education Network) Interactive Sessions are a major part of Et Cultura. We are really looking to invite innovators and future thinkers to the city to join in our community conversation and future growth. We have plans to have a collection of events within each day that will make Et Cultura a unique experience that mingles inspiration, art, innovation, tech, film, music and community.

OPEN will use Et Cultura as a launching point for their year-long speaker series and community discussion forums and build on their mission of creating "A Smarter, Better Connected City Learning Together." Here is a little introduction to what the concept and process is about.

We are deep into planning for this year to include themes on urban agriculture and sustainable healthy food (Seeds); Future City; Technology or Wellness (pending); and K-12 (Radical Schools).

Each of these themes includes panels on innovation, economic development, and education--in addition to hands-on exhibitions and breakout opportunities for thought leaders to share their work.

Creating the content and conversations within the themes is where we would like to engage the community, so it becomes about the things that Saint Petersburg wants to talk about, discover and explore with each day.

The preliminary schedule is as follows (we will eventually have art work for each of these and links to each day of events)

  • Wednesday, Nov 15th - Seeds Theme - Sustainable healthy food, urban agriculture
  • Thursday, Nov 16th - Future City - Designing a smart, inclusive city for the future
  • Friday, Nov. 17 - Radical Schools - A fresh take on learning through the intersection of education, sports, and music

Interested in learning more about OPEN or Joining in the conversations leading up to the festival?

Contact : Jenny Fessler, OPEN Associate Director or Walter Balser, OPEN Director

Jenny Email:
Walter Email: